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There's a drumming noise inside my head
it starts when you're around.
I swear that you could hear it
it makes such an almighty sound.

Rude, confrontational, arrogant, and extraordinarily clever, Koschei is not, perhaps, the easiest woman to tolerate, let alone like. She is quick to point out the faults in those around her, but when such arguments are raised against her own--well, her temper is legendary.

She is a Time Lady, and while she believes that her society has many faults (they're so bloody boring, for a start), she's proud of her heritage, and is quite annoyed when people don't think that Gallifrey is the greatest planet in history. She doesn't need toadying and worship--though that's definitely nice--just a universal agreement that she's not only better than most other people for being a Time Lady, but also for her many, many wondrous qualities.

Earth is annoyingly small and primitive, but it's not wholly bad. Their fashion is certainly interesting, and have you heard their pop music? She'd call it genius, if she were anybody else.

Despite outward appearances, Koschei is capable of being a good friend and giving surprisingly solid advice. It's just that the invite list is (perhaps depressingly) tiny.

[genderswap!Koschei of the 'always a woman' variety. Played in her Academy years. If she's on Earth, it's a sort of summer vacation deal. Yes, I'm combining the Prydonian Academy with every teen stereotype ever. No, I have no shame. Though I'm always happy to introduce Koschei to any DW muses, her Theta Sigma is [personal profile] thetes. Mun is a diehard Doctor/Master shipper. Be warned. (Though I'll only do actual shippy stuff if the other person wants to. It's just rude, otherwise!)

Unless otherwise agreed, I will assume that Koschei comes from a different past when interacting with other DW muses. She'll recognize somebody as Theta/the Doctor or as herself, but not as her timeline.

She does have the drums! At this point in her life, though, it's more like constant migraines. Such is the price of her brilliance.

Mun and muse are both over the age of eighteen. Mun has no connection to Doctor Who, the BBC, or Leighton Meester]
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